Music Culture

Music has always been considered an universal language. The selected songs are meant to represent the sounds of our culture differences. Enjoy the sounds as we all try to bring you into our cultures world.

Tupac, "Dear Mama"

Jayla picked this song for the love of her mom. The most important person to her.

Tupac, "Brenda's Got A Baby"

Andrea is drawn to this song on the bases of the storyline. 12 year old Brenda is pregnant no help. Dad is a junkie also her cousin. She gave birth in the bathroom then trashed him. Ended up keeping the child. For a source of income sold crack got robbed so turned to prostitution.

















Celia Cruz, "La vida es un Carnaval"

Amy concluded this song expresses  how colorful, flavorful & festive the Latin culture is. Where she is from, Veracruz people love salsa, cumbia, etc. They love to be happy & party, have carnivals etc.