Jayla Nicholas

Full name: Jayla Nicholas

Name called: Jayla Nickname: Jay

Where from: Baton Rouge Louisiana

Most family from: Chicago

Favorite Movies: Coming to America                                                 The Notebook                                                           Dark Night Rises                                                     Black Panther 

Favorite Musical Artists: Chance the Rapper, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Chris Brown, The Clark Sisters

Favorite things to eat: fries, Ice cream, candy, gumbo, crawfish

Favorite snacks: hot cheetos, M&Ms, pretzel with nutella

Happiest moments in life: realizing God was real

Saddest moments: death of grandmother

Something interesting/funny/weird:  Zip Lining

Andrea Sanders

Full name: Andrea Lanette Sanders

Called: Andrella  Nickname: Pearl

From: Dallas, TX

Family Mostly From: Louisiana an Texas

Favorite Movies: Juice

                             Love and Basketball 

                             The Wiz                                                           Coming to America                                         White Chicks

Favorite Musical Artists: Tupac, K. Gates, J. Lole, Lady Gaga, Lauryn Hill

Favorite Things to Eat: Chicken, Shrimp, Crab, Crawfish, Potatoes

Favorite snacks: Fruit Snack, Ice cream, dried strawberries


Happiest moments: birth of siblings

Saddest moments: death of grandmother


Something interesting/funny/weird: I’ve had squires

Amy Luciano-Santamaria

Full name: Amy Luciano-Santamaria

Name called: Amy                          Nicknames: Chaparrita, Smurf

Where from: Veracruz Mexico

Most of family from: Veracruz Mexico

Favorite Movies:   Forrest Gump.

                               The Batman Lego                                             Saw Movie                                                         The Heat                                                             The Boss

Favorite Musical Artists: Maluma. Romeo Santos. Rihanna. Oznna. Bad Bunny

Favorite Foods: Pasta. Pupusas. Posole. Tacos al Pastor. Chicken

Favorite Snacks: Mint ice cream. Jalapeno Kettle chips. Twix

One of happiest moments: coming to USA and mom finally met with my dad

One of saddest moments: Brother fell into a coma with only 50% probability of waking up